tragoMoguta at Perunfest

tragoMoguta at Perunfest

The long-awaited Perunfest is finally coming back. Book the weekend of September 18 and 19 for time travel adventure and a journey through the veil between the worlds. Time travel – as you will visit more than two centuries old wooden court Modić – Bedeković in Donja Lomnica near Velika Gorica and Zagreb. Journey through the veil of worlds – as you will be transfered into the wondrous worlds of art and mysterious folk traditions. Artists and creatives inspired by myths and traditions, led by Zdenko Bašić, will preform and present their work. The event will play with your imagination and transport you straight to the heart of folk imaginary.

Wooden mansion Modić – Bedeković hosts this year’s Perunfest

The main motive of this year’s program is a legendary creature called mogut, enigmatic guardian of villages in Turopolje region.

As per usual, our Iva Silla is participating in the program. On Saturday, 18 September at 5 pm , join her and get to know the Modić-Bedeković estate through a story and playful research called tragoMoguta (Mogut Quest) . Storyteller dressed in black will wait for you in the area in front of the wooden manor house and show you a book of memories of the old mansion. When she opens the book, we will be surprised by an unexpected turn! We will have to call the mogut for help! The mogut has left us traces of memories. As we discover them, carefully observing and solving the puzzles, we will unlock the folk beliefs and the history of the very mansion. Sharpen your mind and join this enigmatic quest.

You will need an eye for details

See you tomorrow at 5:00 at the Mokoš’ Square in front of the manor!

Visit the Perunfest website and the organizers Turopolje Museum for more information about the program.

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