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Playful explorations of destinations, such as quests, treasure hunts, city games, puzzles, are an increasingly popular way of exploring places. If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re in for a period of joyful discovery of these fun activities. If you already have, then you know how rewarding this way of touring is. In addition to fun and unexpected way of learning, these activities are followed by hours of discussions between players, and a long recollection of the best moments of each game. By unlocking puzzles, you lock the destinations and friendships deep into your heart.

Notice the invisible and discover the unexpected in the destinations you visit through gamified tours and activities. As passionate players and game designers, we have been involved in creating gamified products for visitors since 2015. Starting with our recognizable product Secret Zagreb Quests, we want to spread the game fever to lesser known destinations.

Take a look at our offer of guided gamified tours or self-guided exploration and choose some of the activities for your next trip.

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Coming soon

Playful Croatia is coming soon with a selection of gamified activities, many of them self-guided, produced by Kazivačica/Storytelleres, Croatian specialist in innovative tourism. In the...
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Free self-guided adventure in Zagreb

Download a flyer with a free game and explore the mysterious side of Zagreb. Click on the illustration below to download the game or find more information here.


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