Playful Croatia

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Design and development of gamified adventures

Through creation of gamified activities for visitors, we solve the problem of the lack of content in certain destinations in an easily accessible and affordable way. This is a significant problem even in larger tourist destinations, and especially in the touristically underdeveloped areas. It’s a problem of end users, but also of destination management. Quality tourism product with educational and interactive elements, ready-made and available in the destination at all times, is necessary for the visitors’ satisfaction . It can also be a reason for their extended stay or even their visit to a particular destination. It is precisely the lack of such a product that is often a big issue for destination management, not only because of the visitors and their motives, but also because of the difficulties in animation of the local community to engage in the tourism offer. As a rule, creative tourism products in certain destinations inspire other potential stakeholders and cause further variety of such products. With relatively small investment, destinations and localities receive a ready-made innovative product.

What kinds of places could be additionally valorized through gamified content? Tourist destinations, castles, museums, parks, estates, places that want to disperse their visitors or promote their offer in an unusual way. Any kinds of places. Perhaps our previous and ongoing projects will inspire you to consider whether gamified product for your visitors is the right thing for you. Contact us for any inquiries and concerns.

Training and workshops

The so-called gamification for visitors is a trend on the rise. From mobile apps to escape rooms inspired by local stories, quests, treasure hunts and brain teasers make a great contribution to tourism market. They can also be very educational and help visitors explore the potential attractions that are not yet recognised. Whether we choose only simple game elements, or create entire experience based on playfulness and challenges, we open ourselves up to new audiences – families, young people and teams of all sorts.

Interactive gamification workshop for visitor experience creators displays a multitude of successful examples of playful tourism products and offers basic tools for developing such content. It is intended primarily for people involved in visitors’ experience creation, such as tour designers or tourist guides, representatives of tourist agencies, employees in heritage institutions (museums, nature parks), persons in charge of destination management and product development within destinations and localities. Empower your stakeholders through a workshop tailored to your needs.

The gamification-in-tourism-workshops are led by Iva Silla, an experienced author of numerous gamified tourist products and a trainer in cultural tourism with extensive experience. More information about the trainer can be found on our parent company page.