Challenge of the Bakar Watercarrier

Challenge of the Bakar Watercarrier

In less than a week we will hang out in Bakar again! The main theme of the opening program of the traditional manifestation Margaretino Leto on 26 June is the historical personality of the blind waterboy from Bakar. Our task is to reveal the power of this story – through play! Gamified tour Challenge of the Bakar watercarrier represents the invisible to the eyes with the help of puzzles, observations and unexpected discoveries.

Discover the old town through game elements, exploration and the story of the amazing Ivan Čop. Come with an open heart and in the mood for challenge, cooperation, cheerful brainstorming and sightseeing, and go home with some new valuable insights and new knowledge. For a detailed opening schedule of Margaretino leto, check here, and book your seats for a free game tour on

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Illustration: TZ Grada Bakra

Adapted by Ivona Miloš using artworks of pupils from the Bakar area

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