Playful Croatia

Enigmatic Šišan and Treasure Fishing

Two fun activities in Ližnjan County, Istria

If you find yourselves in the region of Istria, stop by the Tourism Office in Ližnjan. Two fun gamified activities avait, in the form of a free booklet. The latest one is published in 2023 – Enigmatic Šišan. It was created in collaboration with Tourism Board of Ližnjan County and Community of Italians in Šišan. Last year, the Tourism Board published another booklet called Treasure Fishing.

Each of those booklets takes you to explore a different place within its county. Your exploration of the village of Šišan is guided by two illustrated characters Anna and Toni. Fisherman Bepo and his wife Maria will help you explore and play Ližnjan. Both booklets are full of riddles that can be solved only if you come to the locations.

Don’t forget, stop by the tourism office, pick up your free copy available in four languages (Croatian, English, German and Italian). All you need is a pen, good mood and curiosity.